Our Mission

We build community by connecting, convening and supporting neighbors. We're stronger together!

The Friends of the Mill District is a nonprofit neighborhood charity based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our focus is to continue to support building a sense of community in both the oldest and the newest neighborhood in Minneapolis.

The Friends of the Mill District is a 501c3, incorporated in the state of Minnesota and has been classified as a charity by the Internal Revenue Service.  Donors can deduct contribution they make to the Friends of the Mill District under IRC Section 170. 

Our Members Say...

Mill City Singers means getting to sing with a group of wonderful people, from all walks of life, who find music as vital to life as I do. We all have different backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs, but we are brought together through music, and the joy it brings. For me personally, Mill City Singers means an hour and a half every week, of therapy for the soul.
— Teaha Chestnut
Friends of the Mill District has made it possible for the choir to become an established part of the community. I leave every rehearsal humming and smiling!
— Don Ofstedal
“Without a song…..” As a young adult, I was told by a guy that I had a terrible voice. I never stopped singing but only alone in the car or very quietly in public. The choir members, the Steele’s, the songs make up a choir that welcomes all voices. The founding principles and the diversity truly enrich our community. Thank you to all involved who made this treasure a reality.
— Chris Bray
It is an amazing opportunity to work with JD and Fred. Everything about the experiences feels like community. It is a GOOD thing.
— Angie Taylor

What We've Achieved

  • Mill City Singers - now a permanent program with our partner MacPhail Center for Music
  •  Yoga In the Park-free yoga classes for the entire summer, Memorial Day through Labor Day